PRP services offered IN HENDERSON, NV


PRP services offered in Henderson, NV

Non-invasive butt lifts, non-surgical facelifts, and natural hair restoration are available at BP Royal Medspa in Henderson, Nevada. Experienced registered nurse Barbara Rodriguez, RN-BSN, and the exceptional team provide platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments that regenerate cells and restore a more youthful appearance. Schedule an evaluation by phone or request one online today to learn more about the many PRP options available.


What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP)?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, consists of platelets sourced from your blood. It promotes natural healing and a younger-looking appearance. PRP is a non-invasive treatment that achieves youthful beauty using safe, highly effective methods.

What are the benefits of PRP in aesthetics?

PRP aesthetic treatments require no medications, pain, or downtime. At BP Royal Medspa, PRP may offer one or more of the following anti-aging benefits:

  • Improved face and body contours
  • Youthful, healthy skin
  • Younger-looking appearance
  • Thicker, healthier hair
  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Lifted butt (butt lift)
  • More collagen production
  • Reduced scarring (including surgical scars)
  • Improving dark under-eyes
  • Fewer stretch marks
  • Reduced lines and wrinkles
  • Fewer imperfections 
  • No medications, pain, or downtime

PRP butt lifts provide a fuller appearance, naturally lifting your buttocks while reducing any skin imperfections.

Hair restoration with PRP injections stimulates follicles to regrow hair. Over time, PRP triggers growth factors that maximize hair growth, blood supply to hair follicles, and hair shaft thickness. 

Another treatment option is a non-invasive facelift using PRP injections or other highly effective solutions.

Are PRP treatments right for me?

Everyone benefits from PRP treatment, as it’s highly safe and effective. To determine which PRP solutions are best, a BP Royal Medspa expert reviews your medical history, discusses your cosmetic goals, and personalizes a treatment plan. They may suggest more than one option to optimize your outcomes.

What can I expect during PRP treatment?

During PRP treatment at BP Royal Medspa, your specialist takes a sample of your blood. They spin the sample in a centrifuge to obtain a concentrated source of platelets. They then inject the platelets into your face, buttocks, scalp, or other areas. 

BP Royal Medspa also provides microneedling treatments for your scalp and face. This treatment uses tiny needles to stimulate new cell generation, younger-looking skin, or fuller hair. Your specialist applies PRP to areas treated by microneedling, allowing the platelets to seep deep within targeted tissues. 

How often should I schedule a PRP treatment?

Schedule PRP treatments as directed by your provider. They often recommend a series of treatments every few months to achieve optimal results.

Younger-looking skin or increased hair growth is typically visible after several months, and it’s more apparent 6-9 months after you begin treatment. Results continue to improve up to a year after your PRP sessions. You can expect younger-looking, vibrant, and impeccable results.

BP Royal Medspa also offers Fotona’s HaiRestart® treatment, known for effectively regrowing hair using targeted laser energy. It even stimulates hair growth in patients with hair loss disorders. HaiRestart increases tissue regeneration and promotes new follicle growth naturally.

Schedule a PRP consultation at BP Royal Medspa by calling the office or requesting one online today.